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Your Starter nutrition plan and program is the best starting point to kick out bad habits and introduce healthy, easy to implement food and lifestyle changes. In a few weeks, your nutrition plan will help you feel more energized and focused by eating the food you like and you will discover a new way of feeding yourself without the guilt.

We start with a judgement free discussion about your health, medical history, your food habits, exercise and lifestyle habits. We then formulate a weekly action & nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals, and with our unlimited email support you will feel better and see results quickly.

  • Weekly action plan
  • 7 day meal guide with easy recipes
  • Unlimited email support


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Client stories

The power of
mindful nutrition

"Safia was very motivating, she has started me on a new kind of eating. The change I experienced is not just a new “diet” it’s a new lifestyle."

— Tara

"Safia has helped me re-gain my love of cooking, eating and trying new foods."

— Jeanette

"I would recommend Nurture You by Safia to anyone. She met me exactly where I was. She listened. She helped me transform my life."

— Daria